Fusing free diving and dance, Gautier leads us into a new territory of ocean life. JULIE is Gautier’s powerful story of finding her creative voice beneath the surface.

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Life beyond ordinary 

Brand campaign for Miele (TV, online and print) shot on the beautiful island of Kalymnos

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MBUZI DUME – strong goat

‘Mbuzi Dume’ is Swahili and means ‘strong goat’. It’s the nickname given to Tom Belz on his Kilimanjaro climb on one leg and two crutches.

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The A.O.

An intimate journey into the life of one of the greatest athletes, Adam Ondra, at the peak of his power.

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Sharing the sky is online now

Andy Hediger’s Fight for Flight

Multi-discipline aerobatic pilot and Red Bull Acro Team member Andy Hediger was born to fly. But a near-fatal crash means that even walking again may be a miracle. Now Andy must fight his way back to health if he hopes to return to the sky.
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One of my recent documentary productions I was working on as a Producer has been released.

Dare to soar

for eXplorers: Adventures of the Century

After seeing the magnificent Andean Condor ride thermal winds from the sea to the peak of the Andes, paragliding pilots Hernán Pitocco and Horacio Llorens try to follow the birds on their 3,000km ascent.

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